Deviant Combat role-play system

The Deviant Combat role-play environment includes a combat meter with HUD, adapted to sexually based role-play, special furniture and devices as well as a role-play device HUD for adapting furniture and devices to your needs!
All of our devices and furniture are equipped with a special system, communicating with our RP Device HUD and our Deviant Combat HUD.
Each of these parts can be used standalone or in combination with its other components.
Nearly every player in sexually based role-play has experienced the annoying situation that poseballs have to be rezzed the players have to jump on and granting access for the animation part of the furniture.
Now you can choose between lots of different sex animations, clicking through true to the motto  trial-and-error and searching the desired or fitting one.
After finding some interesting animations, often not fitting your and/or your partner AV sizes, you are piercing your partners belly, tailbone or head with your cock.
Do you call this a role-play friendly and supporting environment?
We don’t! 
Our system is 100% poseball free, without tedious dialogs requesting the right to animate you. But that’s not all!
All our furniture including a „Hijack“ modul which, in combination with our RP Device HUD, gives you the freedom to adapt our furniture to the needs of YOUR private role-play.
Wearing the HUD, which is equipped with a convenience graphical touch screen instead of blue dialog menus, you can „hijack“ a device and control it with your HUD. This includes fitting the animations to your needs by adjusting them as well as to request the information, including your adjustments, of the actual running pose.
These information can be stored in notecards, corresponding to the devices, inside of your HUD. This way the HUD will recognize furniture as known devices and providing you with your private menu, including only animations you like to use and with your adjustments to the animation positions.
Furthermore the system allows you to create your own menus and submenus for each device, containing only selected poses which also can be renamed by you. Selecting a pose from your HUD’s menu will transfer the information to the device, running the pose and adjusting all sitters.
That’s what we call role-play friendly!