For hijacking devices out of our Deviant Combat or Kinky Society productline you have to wear the Deviant Combat “RP Device HUD”.

Now enter one of our furniture or devices, best with your favorite partner together and have in mind that the first position in most cases is the victim role.

Clicking the furniture should open a menu from where you can choose “Hijack”. A short text in your owner chat informs you about, that you hijacked the device and your HUD’s Device & Pose page should also show the name of the device (long names will be cut off) and the actual running pose.

Now you are the only one (beside the owner of the device) controlling the device with your HUD and/or the furniture’s menu. Switching between the poses, your HUD will show you the name of the actual running pose.

Requesting pose information

 Selecting the Request button on your HUD the hijacked device will send you the information of the running pose for every sitting player.  

These information is shown in your chat only. These information later can be stored in a device corresponding notecard.