What is a combat system

Most combat systems providing their players the possibility to create/build and over the time extend a role-play character.

Mostly you will find different types/races (Human, Vampire, Lycan...) and roles/classes  (Warrior, Tank, DPS, Healer, Caster, Wizards, ...) with their corresponding characteristics. Whereby health, stamina and strength building the basis of most systems, beside lots of other additional attributes.

During attacks health and stamina will be decreased depending on the offenders strength. If a players health running down to 0, this one is considered as defeated which has/should have impact into the following role-play.

Some will ask now, what for another combat system?

Deviant Combat role-play system

The Deviant Combat role-play environment includes a combat meter with HUD, adapted to sexually based role-play, special furniture and devices as well as a role-play device HUD for adapting furniture and devices to your needs!
All of our devices and furniture are equipped with a special system, communicating with our RP Device HUD and our Deviant Combat HUD.
Each of these parts can be used standalone or in combination with its other components.

RP Device HUD

Nearly every player in sexually based role-play has experienced the annoying situation that poseballs have to be rezzed the players have to jump on and granting access for the animation part of the furniture.